The 18-time Major winner made some interesting comparisons

Thursday, 19th July 2018 06:41:14 PM

Martina Navratilova praised Novak Djokovic on his 13th Grand Slam title. The 18-time Major winner described Djokovic's legacy in tennis and compared him to the other current legends of the game. 'Novak is a truly great champion,' Navratilova admitted in a column for The Standard. 'He gets a hard time sometimes from the crowd because he’s not like the two Mr Perfects in Roger Federer and Rafa but what he does on the court, it’s nothing really. He was brought up to be brutally honest, as I was, and it turns out a lot of people don’t necessarily like that but, to me, that’s a breath of fresh air. If you could define Novak in one shot, a shot that highlights when he’s on form, it’s that outside foot on the backhand where he slides across. For everyone else in the men’s game, that results in a slice, but Novak gets himself in position to be able to get back a two-handed backhand with purpose.'

What's next now for Djokovic? More success, according to Navratilova, who was working as BBC pundit at Wimbledon. 'This might be the moment for another great Novak run', she suggested. 'You can’t say he has a bad surface so, with his health, game and confidence back, what’s to stop him anywhere now? Okay, on clay he’s probably the second favourite behind Rafa, but not many would bet against him at the US Open. There’s a big part of me bothered by the ‘what if’ with the final: what if Anderson had been properly fit and rested after that marathon match against John Isner? You could see he was hurting from the outset. The odd thing about a match like that is that the next day you often feel okay; it’s the following day that you stiffen up. In the final, you saw his legs didn’t loosen until the third set and, had he converted one of the set points, things might have been different. He turned things around against Roger Federer, didn’t he? I’ve been saying for a long time there should be a fifth-set tiebreak. The US Open introduced it and I remember being on the receiving end of some tiebreak defeats, but it’s the way to go.'

Source : Tennis World USA

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